Friday, 27 December 2013


Nswatugi is a small cave in the Matobo Hills of Zimbabwe. Much higher than it is deep, around 14 meters, the walls of Nswatugi are covered with  some of the most beautiful rock paintings in Zimbabwe. A narrow and steep path covered with a dense canopy of vegetation leads up to the entrance of the cave. Bones found here have been dated to 42 000 BC,  the oldest yet found in Zimbabwe.  An utterly extraordinary place.

Two large polychrome giraffe dominate the main panel at Nswatugi.

Below them are a line of six kudu, a bull, three cows and their two calves. Underneath the second cow is an (faded) eland, one of a group of which only suggestions remain.Humans are shown carrying hunting equipment.The right of the panel is dominated by a large giraffe and a zebra.Below the main frieze are a series of overlapping abstract designs.