Monday, 1 June 2015

Hotel de Soubise, Paris

Ravishing Rococo.

The Hotel de Soubise is a palatial mansion in the 3rd arondissement of Paris. Bought by Francois de Rohan, prince de Soubise in 1700 who engaged architect Pierre-Alexis Delamair to rebuild it. (His wife Anne de Rohan-Chablot was a mistress of Louis XIV whose affair was rumoured to have financed the project).

 Hercule Meriadec, prince of Soubise, (Francois' son)  engaged Germain Boffrand to remodel  the interiors, to glorious effect,  between 1735-1740.

The ceiling of the prince's bedchamber.

The prince's Cabinet; accessed by a jib door from his bedchamber.

The prince's (oval) Saloon The walls and ceilings are decorated with sinuous gilded boiserie tall looking glasses with ceilings and overdoors painted by some of the most important artists working in France during the reign of Louis XV; Francois Boucher,  Charles-Joseph Natoire and Carle van Loo.

The prince's Grand Cabinet.

On the piano nobile,  immediately above the prince's apartments are the apartments of the princess de Soubise. The princess's State bedchamber.

The princess's Salon.

The princess's withdrawing room.

The last prince of Soubise Charles de Rohan, duke of Rohan Rohan and the last male of his branch of the House of Rohan died in 1787. By a decree of Napoleon in 1808 the Hotel de Soubise became property of the State and today belongs to the National Archives.