Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mar Lodge Ballroom

The Mar Lodge Ballroom is one of the most astonishing buildings in Scotland. it is a timber framed building, set on stone foundations with a hipped tile roof. The ballroom dates from 1883 when it was built next to Corriemulzie Cottage. It was dismantled after the fire that destroyed that building and re-erected in its present location in 1889.The exterior of the timber ballroom is striking, covered with iron lattice trellising which anchor and support the structure, painted in the estate red.

The ballroom was erected for the entertainment of the ghillies and other staff employed on the estate. Social mores  dictated that it had to be a separate structure, distanced  from the main house, and provided with different entrances for the staff and for the royal family

The interior of the ballroom is utterly astonishing, covered as it is with the skulls of 2,345 stags. Surely there is no room anywhere else in the world that can compare with this extraordinary room in the middle of Scotland.