Monday, 17 November 2014

Pentrych Hunt

The Pentrych Hunt in South Wales had a 200 year old history. For much the 20th century the hunt enjoyed close links with Crichton-Stuart  family. Both the Marquess and Marchioness of Bute had been Masters. In particular the 4th Marchioness was a passionate foxhunter, she was not only Master of the Pentrych but also of the Eglington in Scotland. She collected numerous hunting trophies which were displayed at the stables in Cardiff, including the brush of a fox killed by the Vatican hounds in Italy. At Castell Coch, the jewel of a castle on the former Bute estate north of Cardiff, in the Well tower, is a vitrine containing cut out wooden figures of the Pentrych Hunt, hounds,horses, masters and servants.

The livery of the Pentrych Hunt was a brown coat with a black velvet collar and brass buttons worn with a red waistcoat.

Every season the Bute family gave a meet of the Pentrych Hunt at Castell Coch.

Meet of the Pentrych Hunt at Castell Coch

In 2014 the Pentrych Hunt amalgamated with the Llangeinor Hunt.