Friday, 28 February 2014

Edzell Castle Garden (2)

Along the south side of Sir David, Lord Lindsay's early 17th century walled garden are the arched-headed panels that comprise on of the highlights of the Edzell Castle Garden. The six remaining sculptures on this wall, which depict the Liberal Arts, were created by an anonymous but highly accomplished craftsmen.

The beautiful figures representing Grammar (Grammatica), Rhetoric (Rhetorica) and Argument (Dialectica) depict those studies undertaken for the first part of the medieval university curriculum, the Trivium. Grammar the art of using words correctly, was followed by Rhetoric, the art of connected discourse, followed by the art of argument.



The panels depicting Arithmetic (Arithmetica), Music (Musica), Geometry (Geometria) and the missing panel Astronomy represent the curriculum for the higher studies that formed the Quadrivium.




In the south-east corner of the walled garden had been a bath house, now vanished, that comprised three rooms, a bathing room with a well, a dressing room and a sitting room with a fireplace.