Tuesday, 23 July 2013

House of the Binns - Binns Tower

 We can see the tower from our kitchen window. It is a beautiful and uplifting embellishment to the landscape. In the Gothick style, it was built in 1826, on the hill above his house by Sir James Dalyell 5th Bt.,the result of an after dinner wager. Who could come up with the most pointless and witty way of spending £100. Sir James won with his proposal of building the tower on top of his hill to overlook the neighbours' estate. The Hope family was newly rich having made a fortune from banking. Any jibe at their expense was appreciated by the old established families of the district. In the event Sir James spent only £29.10s on its' construction. Tradition has it, that the hill is where the Picts made their last stand against the Romans.