Monday, 22 July 2013

Falkland Palace - The Real Tennis Court

The Real or (Royal) Tennis Court was built in 1539 for James V and is the oldest in Britain. James's daughter, Mary Queen of Scots is said to have shocked courtiers by playing in breeches. The court never had a roof. A long way to Wimbledon, but not far to Dunblane. Alec Salmond did not disappoint during  coverage of Andy Murray's victory. In the Royal Box, he whipped out a big Saltire from Mrs Salmond's handbag, and waved it behind David Cameron, seated in front of him. As quickly as the image appeared it was gone, but not before the whole of Scotland and the Home Counties had seen it. The next day the Prime Minister retaliated by inviting Murray to a greeting on the doorstep of Number 10. 1-0 to Salmond.