Saturday, 14 March 2015

Home Farm, Rosneath Castle

At Rosneath, landscape painter Alexander Nasmyth designed a Gothick eye-catcher steading for the Duke of Argyll c 1803.

In plan the steading is three sides of an octagon with at the centre a tall belvedere which rises above the surrounding  buildings.

Tall blind pointed arches, bartizans and a balustrade  decorate the facade.

Two octagonal towers with pyramid roofs echo the main tower, while two round towers finish the steading at either end.

The steading was the Home farm for Rosneath Castle, an estate and secondary residence of  the Duke of Argyll that was built  at the same time c 1803  and finally demolished in 1961. The neo-Classical mansion had been the residence of HRH Princess Louise, Dowager Duchess of Argyll who lived there until her death in 1939. The site of Rosneath Castle is now a caravan park.

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