Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Maam Steading, Inveraray

In the north-east part of the Inveraray estate, in Glen Shira, are several dilapidated Gothick farm buildings. Maam Steading with pointed arches, battlements and quatrefoils is a (still, just ) functional farm yard and (former) outstanding eyecatcher, designed by Robert Mylne in 1787-9.

Maam Steading was originally planned as a circle, not uncommon for Scottish farms, but eventually only a half circle was realised, with blank castellated white walls to end both sides.

Sadly, in such a remote glen, far off the beaten track, Maam Steading has been allowed to fall into ruin, unobserved as it collapses. While the Duke of Argyll holds out for public funds to restore his property, Maam Steading deteriorates, unnoticed, disappearing into the past.

The view from the entrance to Maam Steading looking north up Glen Shira  towards Rob Roy MacGregor's house. If that isn't enough to save it, nothing is.