Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hexagon, Inveraray

The Hexagon is a charming Gothick gazebo overlooking the The Millar's Lynn on the River Aray on the Inveraray estate. Built in 1802, the Hexagon was used as a fishing house by guests at the castle and most notably by Lady Elspeth Campbell, sister of the 10th Duke of Argyll. That lady was an expert with the rod and line who spent many (happy) hours fishing there. And such was her expertise that it was said; 'there was always salmon on the table when Lady Elspeth was at the castle'. Quite possibly the Hexagon was designed by Alexander Nasmyth, who was working at that time on the family's estate at Rosneath.

It is a great pity that one of Alexander Nasmyth's more ambitious designs was never built; a lighthouse he designed for Inveraray harbour, with battlemented parapets rising from a castellated tower, surmounted by a Chinese pavillion. What a sight that would have been.