Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wallace Monument, Stirling

The Wallace Monument, or more correctly the National Wallace Monument, dominates the country  north of Stirling.  The 67 meter (220') Victorian Gothic tower stands on top of Abbey Craig to commemorate the great 13th century patriot and hero of Scotland. The Monument was largely funded by public subscription, collected in the wake of the great resurgence of Scottish national identity in the 19th century. Financial contributions also came from abroad, including  from Italian nationalist Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Completed in 1869 the Monument was designed by architect John Thomas Rochead at a cost of £18 000. The Abbey Craig is said to have been where William Wallace had watched the English army gathering before the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Pride of place among the historic artifacts on display in the tower is William Wallace's sword. As a measure of the man, his sword is 1.63 meters or 5' 4" long.

It is well worth negotiating the 246 steps of the spiral staircase, apparently, if you have fully functional hips, ankles, heart and lungs, to admire the view from the crown at the top.