Sunday, 27 October 2013

Clackmannan Tower

On a prominent position between the Ochills and the River Forth, Clackmannan Tower has clear views to Airth Castle in the south east, round to Alloa Tower in the north west and Stirling Castle in the west and it was an  important part of the line of defence across central Scotland. Just to the west of the town of Clackmannan it had been the site of a royal castle, but in 1359 the tower passed into the hands of the Bruce family as a reward for the help the family had given in a rebellion against the English. The Bruces were to hold  Clackmannan Tower until 1796.

Henry Bruce fought for the Jacobites in the rising of 1745. His widow Catherine 'knighted' Robert Burns withthe sword of Robert the Bruce in 1787. The castle was abandoned a few years later and is now in the care of Historic Scotland.