Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hyndford Bridge

An elegant and well built five arched bridge that still carries traffic across the Clyde three hundred years after it was built by engineer Alexander Stevens in 1773.

There is something  in the topography of the Clyde valley at Hyndeford Bridge. Even though the view is composed of few, otherwise unremarkable elements, they are arranged to my eye quite beautifully. So I always look forward to crossing here. Luckily living near Linlithgow crossing the bridge is on the direct route down to the border.

Before the bridge was built, the Carmichael family had operated a ford. The toll house still stands opposite the bridge, on the south bank. From the road , curtains drawn it just looks like any empty cottage, but having to nip behind reveals all the slates removed and the building in an advanced state of decay.